Serving as Creative Director 

My background in illustration and love for personal storytelling allows me to effectively commission 3D illustrations and docu-style photography/video. I thrive on collaborating with makers to create visually stunning and engaging campaigns. I've recently transitioned into documentary filmmaking to refine my storytelling abilities further. This allows me to successfully work with other filmmakers in front of and behind the camera, crafting impactful and authentic narratives that resonate with viewers.

USAA, profile series

UK GOV, explainer

The  Pete Island of Pete, Documentry Trailer

Intuit, profile series

Mailchimp, Guesswork Campaign

Mailchimp, Guesswork Campaign

HP Digital Magazine

LA Croix, Spec

La Croix, Spec

Mailchimp, Small Business Super Powers Campaign

Popular Mechanics, Holiday Gift Guide

Popular Mechanics, Series