A Trivia Game Testing Your
Credit Knowledge 


Senior Art Director,
Art direction


New to Credit

01 . The Challenge

Amplify Experian's "New to Credit" initiative with the unscorable/credit invisible. Create engaging custom content that feels authentic to a GenZ audience. Drive awareness of Experian & Experian's products and reach a female demographic.


02. The Solution

Building credit begins with understanding how your credit history affects you. Starting a credit journey can be daunting, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Their "New to Credit" program aims to attract prospects and build trust through authentic voices and strategic placements. This experience successfully captured younger audiences with a mobile-first game approach. This successful quiz is made to provide personal results that people can relate to. 

Eye-catching animations and authentic aesthetics make this quiz engaging and fun for a youthful appeal.

Quizzes are a great way to learn something new about yourself, even if it's just discovering what kind of money saver you are.


The mobile-first strategy proved successful. 83% of our audience viewed this content on mobile and was 2.5x more likely to be seen by 18-20-year-olds.


The performance demonstrates a highly relevant audience, surpassing all PVs and Time benchmarks.  

This interactive article captured an engaged & interested audience, with a 71% quiz completion rate. Once someone started the quiz, they tended to be highly interactive within the experience and engaged through completion. 

It successfully reached the targeted demographic. 58% of clicks were generated by female audiences, indicating that content resonated more with women. 


Agency: Yahoo Creative Studio 
Executive Creative Director: Brian Lightbody
UX Design Director: Brad Mead
Senior Art Director: Duane Bruton
Designer: Roemello Agjmurati
Copy Editor: Anna Davies


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