An Interactive Guide Showcasing
Tools That Take the Guesswork Out of Email Marketing 


Creative Lead and Senior Art Director


Guess Less, Sell More


01. The Challenge

Showcase how Mailchimp takes the guesswork out of effective email marketing and guides small businesses toward making better marketing decisions, leading to better results.


02. The Solution

Our goal was to show the bespoke solutions marketers need when facing unique challenges to grow their businesses and optimize their email campaigns. Keep the idea simple and treat the concept as a fun interactive manual for Mailchimp's suite of tools.

We partnered with Sinelab to create avant-garde visuals for our Mailchimp article. Using clever and eye-catching imagery, we showcase how Mailchimp's tools take the guesswork out of email marketing—turning boring concepts into winning illustrations.

Every business is unique.
Problem-solving can be just as bespoke.

01. Send Time Optimization

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. This carrier pigeon knows the value of time and is ready to deliver, just like automated notifications.



02. Customer Journey Builder

We See You Rollin’. Find your north star, chart a course, and then roll there in style on auto-pilot.


03. Campaign benchmarking 

The Warm Embrace of Winning. A knit trophy cozy frayed at the ends and connected to a ball of yarn, showing you how success is made.


04. Content Optimizer 

Dangle the Carrot The ever-elusive carrot and its promise of a satisfying capture is made even more enticing when it’s jewel-encrusted.


05. A/B Testing

This or That? Fudge-y Ice Cream vs a Gooey Sandwich hangs in delicate balance on a scale only your audience can tip.


The experience highlights the Mailchimp platform's potential to help marketers overcome barriers to growth and profitability and directs users to the Mailchimp site.


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86% of views were unique!



Agency: Yahoo Creative Studio
Executive Creative Director: Brian Lightbody
Creative Lead: Duane Bruton
Senior Art Director: Duane Bruton
Copywriter: Jess Dickerson
Illustration: Sinelab