AR Filter and Promo Video to Reach Millennial and Gen Z Audiences


Senior Art Director


Holiday Your Way

Video, Audio, and AR

01.  The Challenge

Luxury retailer Saks sought a creative, personalized solution to reach Millennial and Gen Z audiences. 


02. The Solution

We designed an augmented reality (AR) selfie filter for Instagram that transported shoppers to a tropical beach, a glamorous holiday party, or a snowy ski lodge just by tilting their heads.

While enjoying their new background, customers could virtually try on Saks products and accessories to match their vacation mode and later browse those products in the Holiday Gift Guide on In The Know by Yahoo. The campaign also included promotional video executions.

By leveraging Yahoo’s technology and massive audience reach, Saks created a custom consumer experience that positioned the brand as exciting and at the forefront of retail innovation. 

The campaign received more than 17.4M media impressions across social media, with content views totaling 4.9M. 


The program exceeded awareness goals, driving an impressive amount of bonus distribution and promotion for both the IG filter and Gift Guide. 


The campaign received more than 17.4M impressions across Yahoo and social media, with content views totaling 4.9M. 


The IG filter and Gift Guide proved highly engaging with users, with 32% of all filter impressions resulting in social actions and users spending an average 1:21 with the Gift Guide article (125%+benchmark!)



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VR World Tech: Saks/Yahoo Creative Studios approach is a lesson for brands that AR must be used alongside media.



Pressboard: Top 10 Branded Content Partnerships 2021


Brand Blazer: Winner Innovation and Excellence in Show-Stopping Creative 2022



Agency: Yahoo Creative Studio
Executive Creative Director: Brian Lightbody 

Senior Art Director: Duane Bruton
Producer: Blair Rayner

Copy Editor: Lucielle Salomon


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